Closing Conference at Los Santos de Maimona, Spain

We have reached to the end of this first phase of ENTANGLE. It seems like it was yesterday when the team met for the first time in Brussels to agree the way to forward, but it happened nothing less than two years ago!

During this time there have been many individuals and entities who have contributed to the training materials offered in the Learning System. Besides the project partners have participated secondary schools, universities, trainers and students of Extremadura, Catalonia, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Slovakia. More than 200 people have been involved in one way or another on this project.

And after all...¡here we are! With the training materials ready to face the next phase. Because ENTANGLE doesn't end here. We want the education community keep benefiting from this methodology.

Next September 24 we will celebrate a closing conference at the high school education of Los Santos de Maimona as the culmination of these two years of work. There will be present  teachers and students in vocational education, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support institutions ... and we will share experiences to continue to bring the business world into the classroom.

Here you have the agenda:

For more information, please contact Fundación Maimona.